The Authors Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
November 2018

“Bestselling Author and Hall of Fame Speaker, Sheila Murray Bethel, PhD, offered insights into giving memorable book readings and other author appearances.”

  • Making book signings and readings wonderful events, for you and for your audience. (Overcome your fear speaking.)
  • Learn to be your best in interviews; in person and on-line. (The keys to good interviews.)
  • Speaking before other types of groups; podcasts, conferences, writing classes.

Feedback from the event:

Hi Sheila,

I’d had high hopes for your presentation last night and you truly exceeded them!

Your tip about removing your jacket to make you appear more relatable while speaking was a real eye opener. In many of my talks I’ve felt like the jacket that was supposed to be identifying me as professional was creating a bit of a barrier between me and my attendees. I’ll remember and use this next time I’m giving a presentation.


(Name withheld for privacy)
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