Sheila Murray Bethel Bio

Sheila was born in Marion Ohio. She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area at the age of five with her parents and older sister. They lived in a village with good public schools and a close feeling of community. They were of modest means but rich in love and family.

Married right out of high school with two sons born in the first three years, she loved being a homemaker and would probably have stayed in that role except that her ill-fated marriage found her a single mom raising two teenage sons.

With no college education but strong communication and people skills, she did well in sales. She attended a personal development seminar and found her calling as a speaker and writer. She formed her own company two years later and received many speaking awards; she is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. Her writing also succeeded, she is a national best-selling non-fiction author, her books are translated into many languages and sold worldwide.

Soon after starting her business she met, fell in love with and married the man of her dreams, Bill Bethel, a successful business consultant/speaker. In the next few years, Sheila earned a Ph.D. in communications from Pacific Western University.

Together Sheila and Bill spent thirty-five years building and enjoying a successful worldwide business. Each spoke and wrote on their specialty; Sheila on sales and leadership, Bill on sales and communications.

They were avid travelers and adventurers with clients and friends spanning the globe. Bill passed away in fall of 2016. Sheila discovered it was time to move into fiction writing where she could share the experiences, people, and stories they encountered in her business life……a virtual treasure trove for her fiction writing.

Sheila is a member of several writing groups and organizations.