Sheila Murray Bethel


From best-selling non-fiction to fiction … a leap of faith!

Welcome to my new fiction website (visit my non-fiction site)!

As I move from best-selling non-fiction to fiction, I invite you to come along on the journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you’ve read one of my business books or have been in my audience for a keynote speech or seminar, I am glad you came to visit. If we have not met before, welcome!

If you were here with me, I would make us a cup of tea or concoct a latte, and we could chat; but since we aren’t, let’s have an online conversation about writing and reading. Let’s begin with a question:

“What is your favorite fiction book? And why?”

I’d love to hear your answer … use the “Feedback” button above.

As I go along, I’ll have more audio and written updates about the evolution of this adventure. I welcome your ideas, suggestions, and comments.

If you like to travel, click the “People/Places” menu link above for tips about wonderful places to discover in this world!

You’ll find resources for writing and reading as I encounter them. I am happy to share the wealth of wonderful people and ideas that are out there for both writers and readers.

Thanks again for visiting. Come again and catch up on my progress.

Yours in good writing and reading.

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